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Race preview - Mexico, by Jack Lowe #KeepFightingMichaelPosted : Thursday 25th October 2018 12:56:17 pm GMT

Upset in United States

Hamilton's march towards a 5th title was put on ice with a return to winning ways by Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen who claimed his first victory since 2013 and first for the Scuderia since 2009! Verstappen produced another masterclass to finish 2nd after being 18th on the grid. Hamilton had to settle for 3rd, one place ahead of rival Vettel. The Brit can finish as low as 7th even if Vettel wins and he'll be world champion in Mexico.

Top 10 - 1. Raikkonen, 2. Verstappen, 3. Hamilton, 4. Vettel, 5. Bottas, 6. Hulkenberg, 7. Sainz, 8. Perez, 9. Hartley, 10. Ericsson

Mexican GP

Last season it was Max Verstappen who claimed a dominant victory around Mexico ahead of the 2 Finns of Bottas and Raikkonen. Hamilton clinched his fourth title here a year ago, can he repeat this feat in 2018?

2018 podium prediction - 1. Vettel, 2. Verstappen, 3. Hamilton

Fantasy Game

Raikkonen's return to winning ways sees him top the charts this round, with 291 points for the 275 players who had him. Verstappen enjoyed a healthy return thanks to positions gained points, 226 in total. Will Hamilton deliver the knockout blow this weekend and will you back him to do so, or can Vettel extend the inevitable for another race weekend? My tips - Vettel (£15.92M), Verstappen (£12.94M), Sainz (£8.37M).

Enjoy the race and don't forget those all important predictions!

United States GPPosted : Tuesday 23rd October 2018 07:53:02 am GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the United States GP.

Those on strategy 1 can now make changes to their team prior to the next race in Mexico in a weeks time.

All players can now make amendments to bonus picks.

Edit: Scores now adjusted to reflect the DSQ's.

Race preview - United States, by Jack Lowe #KeepFightingMichaelPosted : Thursday 18th October 2018 14:37:32 pm GMT

Jubilant in Japan

Lewis Hamilton's march towards a fifth world title continued in Suzuka with another dominant performance from the British driver who claimed his 9th win in 2018. Team mate Bottas played the rear gunner role superbly to keep the fiesty Verstappen behind. Vettel's desperation was evident as a needless collision when trying to pass Verstappen put him at the back of the pack, resulting in a damaging 6th place. Can Hamilton seal championship number 5 this time out in Austin?

Top 10 - 1. Hamilton, 2. Bottas, 3. Verstappen, 4. Ricciardo, 5. Raikkonen, 6. Vettel, 7. Perez, 8. Grosjean, 9. Ocon, 10. Sainz

United States GP

A race which Lewis Hamilton has dominated since its return to the calendar bodes well as he attempts to clinch his 5th world title this Sunday. Last season Hamilton was victorious in Austin ahead of the two Ferrari's, Vettel and Raikkonen. A similar result would mean the championship fight would continue onto Mexico. The stakes are never higher than they are this weekend!

2018 podium prediction - 1. Hamilton, 2. Vettel, 3. Bottas

Fantasy Game

Hamilton reigned supreme once more to claim the most points this round, with 303 in total. He now boasts a lead of over 650 points to second place Vettel and has been formidable since the summer break. Those who kept faith after the early season swing seemingly in Ferrari's favour are now reaping the reward. Elsewhere it was a good weekend for Red Bull, with their drivers 3rd and 4th, Ricciardo scoring some good points (193) thanks to positions gained bonuses. Perez cemented his position as best of the rest thanks to another solid weekend for the Mexican driver. As the season nears its close will you stick or twist with your final few selections? My tips - Hamilton (£20.88M), Grosjean (£7.22M), Verstappen (£12.18M).

Enjoy the race and don't forget those bonus picks!

Japanese GPPosted : Sunday 7th October 2018 08:03:09 am GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Japanese GP.

Those on strategy 1 can now make changes to their team prior to the next race in the United States in 2 weeks time.

All players can now make amendments to bonus picks.

Race preview - Japan, by Jack Lowe #KeepFightingMichaelPosted : Thursday 4th October 2018 12:33:51 pm GMT

Russian Roulette

Hamilton's drive towards a 5th world title continued in Russia, although not without controversy as his teammate was asked to move to one side to let him by. Despite that Ferrari had no answer to Mercedes superior pace this weekend and had to settle for third and fourth, Vettel ahead of Raikkonen. The 2 Red Bulls followed with their surge through the field, Verstappen yet again showed his ability with some fantastic overtakes and a great opening stint. Leclerc had a fantastic drive to finish 7th for Sauber whilst Magussen and the 2 Force India's rounded off the top 10.

Top 10 - 1. Hamilton, 2. Bottas, 3. Vettel, 4. Raikkonen, 5. Verstappen, 6. Ricciardo, 7. Leclerc, 8. Magnussen, 9. Ocon, 10. Perez

Japanese GP

Last year Hamilton was Victorious in Suzuka ahead of the 2 Red Bull drivers, Verstappen and Ricciardo. If the Red Bulls can similarly be in the mix this year we could be in for an exciting race!

2018 podium prediction - 1. Hamilton, 2. Vettel, 3. Raikkonen

Fantasy Game

Once more Hamilton dominates the top of the standings, with a further 288 added to his now total of 3882 points. Vettel is cut adrift in second place but some 600+ points ahead of Bottas. The fight for third is closer between the 2 Finns and the Red Bulls. There is a mere 3 points between Perez and Magnussen for the best of the rest tag, with the 2 Spaniards Sainz and Alonso hot on their heels. My tips - Hamilton (£20.37M), Ricciardo (£10.35M), Sainz (8.06M). Shaun Harding's Strolling Along in 15th is currently top of the overall standings by some 218 points with the top 10 all on strategy 1, great work guys!

Enjoy the race and don't forget those bonus picks!

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